My Favorite Foods

I am a big fan of Mexican cuisine. Here is a list of my favorite Mexican food.


Tacos are covered by soft or hard tortillas. It is usually served with meats, vegetables, avocados, and sour cream. What I relly about Tacos is that they are small and easy to eat. Avocados that are ubiquitous in Mexican cuisine is healthy and good for you.

Here are my favorite places to get Tacos

My recipe for Tacos

  1. Purchase Tacos shells from store
  2. Prepare meats, sour cream, lettuce, etc
  3. Cook meat, slice dice vegetables
  4. Warm shells
  5. Listen to Mariachi band
  6. Enjoy Tacos :)

Avocados and why you should eat it everyday

Why Avocados are good for you


Pozole is a spicy Mexican soup and is enjoyed in the mornings